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This post serves as both an announcement and a test for our new staff blog posts at 2404. We felt our front page news was lacking a bit and we wanted to inject some personality. At one time we did have a staff blog but it was on a separate page and it wasn’t the best approach. Giving new staff posts some front page attention, including it in our main RSS feed, and using the newer comment system with vBulletin integration should set things off on the right path.

To identify a blog post from a news story look for the icon like the one you see at the top-left of this post. We will probably be adding a more distinct style to these posts but this should work for now.

In other 2404 related news, we will not be continuing the “Around the Web” stories. These weekly updates included interesting links around the internet along with the submitted hardware reviews. To put it bluntly, the hardware sites just weren’t being friendly; only about one was posting the game review links we sent out. We were posting hardware reviews from about six or seven sites. A Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 review will be posted tonight and a Far Cry 2 review and an editorial on the health of the PC game industry will be posted soon. Thanks for dropping by, we hope these staff blog posts work out well.


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