CD Projekt Red Big Announcement: Meh

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I tuned in to the CDP Summer Days live broadcast earlier this afternoon, in which CD Projekt Red and made their "big" announcements. They were broadcasting from Venice Beach, California and the cameras were set up outdoors with the Pacific Ocean and palm trees in the background. It looked nice there but it was somewhat windy, which degraded the audio of the stream a bit. Anyways, CD Projekt's huge announcement was that "The Witcher 2" will be heading to the XBOX 360, which was a total let down to me and probably every other PC gamer watching. I had received an email earlier this morning from some PR folks representing the company stating that Red is working with Plastige Image Studio on a "new project." I took "new project" to mean that they were going to announce completely new IP today. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't post any news about this – although I'm always extremely reluctant to post rumors in the news (only the really big rumors get attention on this site). I think the wording of the release I received this morning was definitely misleading but now that I actually dig around the Platig Image Stuio site, it's easy to see that the company mainly develops cinematics and special effects. But really, is a port a new project?

GOG's announcement was a bit more interesting as they have signed EA to publish over 25 titles throughout the next few months. "Wing Commander: Privateer", Dungeon Keeper" and "Ultima Underworld" 1 and 2 are available now. However, this agreement doesn't include the publishing rights for "System Shock" or the "Syndicate" series. In the broadcast they claimed that they won't be available for now because ownership of those particular games is split up between several companies.

CD Projekt Red did reveal that patch version 1.2 for "The Witcher 2" will be released tomorrow, which will include a variety of enhancements and fixes. They also announced that over 400,000 copies of the game have been sold since the launch two weeks ago.

If you want to watch the broadcast it was recorded and is available on USTREAM.


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