Death to Games for Windows LIVE!

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Back in September, Wired ran an editorial titled "Grand Theft Auto IV Could Save Games for Windows". Oh, the IRONY! LIVE can be attributed to many of the problems people have experienced with the plagued GTAIV, so can this atrocious software please just die already?! Not only have people had issues with GTA but also the recent behemoth RPG “Fallout 3”. At one point, I thought it would be incredibly magnificent to play online with 360 users but that hope at seamless integration is long forgotten. Instead, we are annoyed with irrelevant pop-up windows. Does anyone even use the LIVE features? We don’t need multiple gaming services (example: GTA Steam version/Rockstar Social whatever/LIVE). Steam succeeded as the winning gaming services long ago and this time Microsoft, you won’t be able to compete. 

Publishers and developers, stop bowing to Microsoft. The incentives might be nice, whatever they might be, but it’ll cause headaches for your customers. If GTAIV isn’t a good enough example for you, good luck turning a profit. 
Microsoft, you FAIL. You’re infecting the industry and giving PC gaming a bad name.  It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more time and resources on your OSs anyways. 


*Note – I completely disagree with Nate’s opinion on the health of PC gaming in his Wired article. I just wanted to point out how amusing the title is.

2 Responses to Death to Games for Windows LIVE!

  1. Rob says:

    Amen to this post. Steam has a monopoly on this sector of gaming for a reason… because they have excelled at providing a platform that puts all your games in the one spot and connects you with your friends (even if it had issues in its birth). The problem with Windows Live is it offers absolutely nothing that interests me. I don't care for achievements or any of that. It is merely something I have to log into in order to play the game.
    Often it is the second or third point in which to log in. Take Red Faction: Guerilla for example. To play that I have to log in to steam, then open the game and log in to Windows Live. If Windows Live fails in the slightest bit I cannot access my saves. If it is the slightest bit out of date it sits there and updates while blocking me from the game content. At least with steam you can play on an older version in offline mode…

    GTAIV hasn't saved Windows Live. The only way to do that is to make it better and then it just becomes steam…

  2. FluifsFuews says:

    I do not agree …

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