Elven Legacy: Ranger Impressions

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This little trifle of an addon doesn’t deserve its own full-length review since it’s so short, so here are my thoughts in blog (bleh) format.

You get quite a bit for your $10- a full campaign which is about half the length of the one that came with the original game, a bunch of new artifacts and spells (which you can rely on extensively in the new campaign) and  that’s basically it. The campaign focuses on the Order of Marcus and one of its commanders, a spearchucker named Cornelius. Your units this time around are mainly human (Elven Legacy focused on elven units, duh) so in addition to your contingent of rangers you make use of yeomen, halberdiers, royal archers, knights, etc. The new campaign took me a solid afternoon to finish, and by the time you’re done with it you’ve seen all there is to see that is new.

  The upper bound of enjoyment time here is around eight hours. You might be able to increase it by playing some of the included individual scenarios (which are identical to the ones that accompanied the original game) and trying to beat them again with some different units or spells. The monster-scenario ‘The New King’ which can take two solid hours and a couple hundred turns to finish, is worth beating again. Most of the other additions are in the same vein- interesting but not exactly earth-shattering.

Those 8 hours rely on a couple of obvious assumptions- you’ve got to have the original Elven Legacy and you’ve gotta enjoy it, because this is the same sort of stuff. I enjoyed it so I enjoyed this too. If you got in on Elven Legacy (or Fantasy Wars) a few months ago and have been waiting for more Ranger is a no-brainer. If you haven’t, try the Elven Legacy demo or read my review to figure out if it’s for you. 


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  • Developer: Ino-Co
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genre: TBS
  • Release Date: January 28, 2015
  • Link: The Official Site
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• Win XP
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• DirectX-compatible Sound Card
• 3GB HDD Space
• DirectX 9.0c

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