Enter the Hammerhead: A look at the Latest Mass Effect 2 DLC

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Released Tuesday for the unbeatable price of FREE comes the Firewalker Pack. The Firewalker Pack includes five missions that take place in the new Hammerhead tank. Did I mention that it was free?

The Hammerhead is a type of hovertank that fires homing missiles.  It is essentially BioWare’s next generation Mako vehicle, which for those who don’t recall, was a horribly implemented exploration vehicle found in the original Mass Effect. Unlike the Mako, the Hammerhead is a much more precisely controlled vehicle, far faster than the Mako, capable of tight turns and due to the inclusion of hoverjets, capable of hovering off the ground for a few seconds at a time.

The missions included range from a tutorial mission, a platforming intensive fire world mission, an ice world speed mission and a couple of combat intensive missions. On a couple of the missions you will actually exit the vehicle briefly, however these were short portions and involved no combat. These missions are fairly short, the entire set taking perhaps one hour to complete in a single play through. I found it to be a solid introduction to the vehicle, leaving the door open perhaps for some future content. I did find one upgrade that you will need to research aboard the Normandy, which will raise your upgrades in one category past the current total of 5.

I found the Hamerhead to be the equivalent of a tin can in combat, easily being blown to bits in close encounters with the Geth raiders. This prompted me to start shooting all of the enemies from such a far distance that they were incapable of fighting back. This led to a certain amount of cheese-fighting and made the content slightly easy to complete. Still as a free introduction to the Hammerhead and an always appreciated addition to the content of the Mass Effect 2, the Firewalker pack comes highly recommended. Now we need to wait and see how the $7 DLC pack being released in April pans out. Expect a post regarding this new content once it has been released.


2 Responses to Enter the Hammerhead: A look at the Latest Mass Effect 2 DLC

  1. I like the design of the Hammerhead, it looks much better than the tank in mass effect 1, but their are draw backs and glitches to this DLC.  One is that all credits and resources collected during the Firewalker missions will not be added to your accounts as far as I can tell.  The second is combat, the tank as no visable shields or health gadge, and the health is so low that a handfull of get troops can take out the hammerhead with out too much trouble.  The third is te weapons, the missles are not guarenteed to track your intended target even if it is in your red tracking box, missles tend to go to the largest target witch is bad because with the Hammerhead's lack of armor in superior speed the smaller targets are the ones you need to take out first and the missles will usually miss if your not aiming at their intended target insted of yours.  Forth, the hammerhead connot handle extream cold like the Mako.  The hammerhead is fun at exploration, but it is a poor combat tank

  2. Hengst says:

    I would like to envision that this was just a small quasi-beta test for the Hammerhead. Perhaps moving forward you would have the ability to upgrade the Hammerhead, its armor, weapons, etc. I certainly felt more akin to a tech demo and the ending of the main mission with the artifact made me laugh with the way it was just like clank….over.

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