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Forbes published an article a couple of weeks ago that focuses on Gabe Newell and Valve’s Steam service that you shouldn’t miss. It reveals Gabe’s recent treatment for Fuchs Dystrophy, which was slowly destroying his corneas:

“Double cornea transplants in 2006 and 2007 cured him and changed him utterly.”

Of course, being Forbes it also dives in to valuations of the company and just how successful Valve is. The company is private and doesn’t release financials but the article quotes Newell stating that they’re more profitable, per employee, than Google or Apple. There are also apparently estimates that place a $2 to $4 billion value on the company.

Valve is one of the more obvious success stories in the industry but it’s nice to read some positive feedback on a company that seems to do everything the right way the first time. The growth of the company is also quite staggering, considering that Gabe and Mike Harrington, the other founder who has since left, have never accepted any venture capital funding.

Find the entire article at Forbes.


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