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One of our newest reviewers, Adam Harshberger, has launched a new CPUGamer partner site with a couple of his associates. is a new gaming blog that will focus on a variety of systems and handpick interesting news, events, and topics to cover in the large world of video games. There may be a little overlap between CPUGamer and Pixels or Death and we may even do some relevant content sharing between the sites; we're kind of working out the details as we go. It's also possible that this could be the beginning of a network of gaming and computer related websites. We have a few things planned, including a possible Kindle edition of CPUGamer and additional partner/sub sites. So, stay tuned…

Adam will continue writing reviews for CPUGamer in addition to the content for the new site, so you can expect to continue reading his writing here. Without further ado, please head over to to check out the new blog, add it to your bookmarks, and be sure to check back.


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  1. Adam Harshberger says:

    Thanks for the plug, Bjorn! And yes, please, check out the new site! We’d love to have you.

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