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With a new year comes more games. More games with really big numbers attatched to them, games that we’ve read up on and seen for years, and unique franchises and IPs that will surely whip up the interests of many. Basically, this post will have two functions: I’ll bring up ’09 games I’m looking forward to and you can go ahead and you post your own playlist. Efficiency! Hooray!

– The first thing comes up in my mind is Mirror’s Edge. It’s a huge departure from DICE’s previous work, which was 95% Battlefield and 5% pre-cursor to their series. In very basic, and general terms, I think Mirror’s Edge looks like any of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persias, except it’s in first-person. That sounds awesome, potentially frustrating and pretty awesome. Looking forward to it. First January game I’ll play, that’s for sure.

– In terms of general popularity, I’d say the "Big Three" WRPG developers are BioWare, Bethesda and Obsidian. Out of the three, Obsidian is my absolute favorite. Granted, their games have more technical problems and hang-ups than five just-launched MMOs combined, but those get ironed out soon enough, and we’re left with really playable and fun stuff. Mask of the Betrayer proved they have the ability to provide great dialogue, an interesting story and lots of real choices with real consequences. Oh, and it was stable game. Alpha Protocol is their latest project, and while it is a multi-platform game, if they can at least provide the same, great dialogue that’s permeated all their games, I will be pleased. I mean, dude, the head writer for Bloodlines is the a key writer for Alpha Protocol. Dude. Dude!

– Cool stuff down the road. Relic’s RTSes look really sweet, even though I’m terrible with the genre. Looking forward to Episode Three screenshots and videos, because we all know they aren’t going to hit an ’09 release. In the world of adventure, Sam & Max’s third season and Wallace & Grommit look sweet and the Adventure Company will surely publish some winners. Oh yeah, is Alan Wake getting here any time soon?

I like working in threes, so I’ll stop there. I don’t have classes again until the 26th, so I got plenty of time to go through my backlog and play Mirror’s Edge with the new setup I’m getting. It’s basically a small hadron collider.


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