The Greatest Thing You Will See In Your Life

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If you’re a fan of Valve’s Half-Life games. Black Mesa is arguably the most anticipated Half-Life 2 mod in existence and after its new trailer, it’s hard not to see why.

Now using the engine that drove the Orange Box games, boy does BM look like the one of the greatest things we’ll get to play in our lives. Sorry for the pressure, BM team, but it’s hard not go a ballistic with sensationalistic prose after your latest trailer.

It looks like such a professional production and my greatest fear, that the voice acting would totally undo the game’s atmosphere, is basically gone. Granted, only a couple voice clips are in the trailer, but there are a bunch more at their site to completely remove that layer of skepticism.

All we have to do is wait for another infinity years. Sure, it says 2009, but I’m going add 12 more years just to be safe.


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