Thread Highlight: Is PC Gaming Dead?

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A post was recently made by one of our new forum members from London, discussing the health of the PC gaming industry. "Humorguy" makes the point that PC gaming has been moving away from the mainstream over the years and that the gaming media, among several other things, are to blame. Whether you agree or not, he does make some interesting arguments.

"We are seeing major changes in video gaming generally. Hardcore gaming and hardcore gaming machines (PC, 360, PS3) are not doing as well as casual games and more casual machines (Wii and DS). We are seeing huge interest in retro games on the consoles (360 Live and PS3 Arcade) and both PS and 360 hardware and games sales are beginning to show signs of ‘levelling off’.

Change is afoot on many levels, but to say PC gaming is struggling, and in effect, without change, is on it’s last legs, is a truism we, as PC gamers have to deal with. We need the media to get onboard to. 5 hour gameplay games have to stop getting 82% scores. Interviews have to be more hard-hitting with hard questions being asked about past decision and current decisions of those companies and media still dealing with PC gaming."

What do you think? Join in on the discussion in our forums. Keep it civil though, this is a respectful discussion.


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