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As you've probably noticed by now, things look a little different. We decided that it was time for an update, not only with the site design but also the name. We've been 2404.org since we launched, eight years ago, and over time we came to the realization that 2404 just wasn't working. Sure, it was unique but in my experience people always seem to have a difficult time remembering it, it has nothing to do with what we're doing, and we're not a non-profit organization. When we first registered the domain, we used it for a TFC clan site. There were no expectations or long term plans for the domain and none of us expected it to transform and evolve into a full-fledged PC gaming website.

I had looked for other domains in the past but I was never able to find anything that worked well. A forum moderator came up with CPUGamer.com and I was surprised that all of the domain extensions were available (.com, .net, .org). If you've never tried 2404.com before, it's an Asian shipping company. It might not be the best domain in the world but there weren't exactly a lot of options and it fits well with what we're trying to establish as a brand. We're obviously aware that consoles have central processing units (CPU) but the term is usually synonymous with computing.

As far as new features go, we have a new video page, and for the most part the entire design was updated. There are a few more things that are coming that didn't make it into this changeover today and as always, we are happy to hear what you have to say; feel free to contact us anytime with feedback.

All of the old 2404.org URLs will automatically forward to the new site but we suggest that you update your bookmarks. Thanks for your support and welcome to CPUGamer.


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