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Finally, I got our second official video review done, uploaded, and live today. It ate up the majority of three of my weekends but this is my first one and the GTA video editor, which is what I used for a lot of the footage, loads and renders REALLY slow. An HD version is available on Youtube and the video will look a lot better if you have "I have a fast connection. Always play higher-quality video when it’s available." in your playback settings in your Youtube accont.

I apologize ahead of time for my microphone. I used a basic gaming mic and had to have it a little too close to my mouth in order to make it sound right. I was able to use an audio editor to remove a lot of my "mouth wind" though so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll be looking to purchase a new mic before I do my next video review.

It took a long time but I think I like the end result. I’m going to create a section on the site for these video reviews but for now, pay attention to the staff blog posts or subscribe to our channel. At this point I’m not sure if we’ll be exclusively using Youtube but it’s pretty easy and there’s a big community, which helps on our end.



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  1. kyle says:

    Yea your right pc hardware requirements are devastating for gta 4. yea alot of gltches and yea the grey boxes are annoying but apart from all the bad things it is really a great game. a big step up for visual graphics for rockstar. Although system requirements cost alot to run this game fully well. great review i enjoyed it very much. you have given good info about this game and to them that dont have this game must really reconsider buying it for the pc. my opinion, the 360 will do good enough or ps3.

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