New Demos and Patches

BioWare has released the Mass Effect 3 demo has promised. If only it was available without Origin.

“The demo for 2012’s most anticipated game is here! Experience two spectacular levels from the single-player campaign, along with intense four player co-op multiplayer matches. The multiplayer section of the Mass Effect 3 demo will feature an early access period running from February 14 to February 17.

Early multiplayer access has been granted to players who have activated their Battlefield 3 online pass. Visit this page and log in with your EA Origin account (this is the same as your BioWare Social account) to see if you currently have early access.”


The Bethesda blog today announced the release of patch version 1.4 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is now available on Steam. In addition, another new post details the soon to be released Creation Kit and mod Workshop (related video below).

“In addition to bug and quest fixes, 1.4 adds launcher support for the Skyrim Workshop. Currently we’re putting the final touches on the Creation Kit and Skyrim Workshop and will let everyone know as soon as they’re up.”

The full release notes on version 1.4 can be found on the Bethesda blog.


Paradox today announced the release of a demo for King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming role-playing strategy sequel by NeoCore Games.

“This demo for the anticipated sequel to Neocore Games’ critically acclaimed King Arthur series gives players a taste of what’s to come, allowing champions of Britannia to play through the title’s tutorial and first mission. With an expected gameplay session of about 60 minutes, King Arthur fans will be able to manage their army and territories, and lead their battalion into battle.

Help set Britannia free when King Arthur II – The Role-playing Wargame releases on January 27th, 2012 (PC, $39.99).

Pre-order King Arthur II: The Role-playing Game and get access to the prologue chapter for free:

A list of download mirrors for the demo can be found on the official site.




A demo for The Darkness II was released on Steam today, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming FPS by Digital Extremes.

“Embrace the Darkness and download the demo now! In this specially-constructed demo, experience the gripping and brutal journey of Jackie Estacado, head of a New York crime family and wielder of a ruthless force of chaos and destruction known as The Darkness. Master the power of Quad-Wielding as you slash, grab and throw with your Demon Arms while simultaneously firing two weapons.”



BioWare announced that a demo for Mass Effect 3 is scheduled to be released on February 14th.

“The extensive demo will allow players to experience the all-out galactic war against an ancient alien race known as the Reapers from multiple fronts, including the mind-blowing opening attack on Earth that kicks off the single-player campaign.  Players will go deeper into the campaign and also get a taste of the franchise’s new co-operative multiplayer mode as they preview the epic story, adrenaline-pumping action and deep customization options that lie ahead when Mass Effect 3 launches on March 6, 2012. The Mass Effect 3 demo will be available for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC.”


Paradox Interactive today announced the release of a large tech overhaul for the game engine in the Magicka series. A trailer for the upcoming The Stars are Left expansion was released along with this announcement.

"Full details for what is featured in the game engine update:

  • Fairy familiar added, revives characters after death occurs in solo campaign
  • Checkpoints now save progress even if game is quit
  • Chapter select added to replay previously played chapters
  • Several improvements to the server browser
  • Physics and collision detection improved – less falling through the floor
  • Frame rate stuttering – should be less noticeable for some users
  • Extended particle system with particle lights
  • Improved light performance
  • Several minor bug fixes, game balance, and tweaks

The Great Old Ones also unveiled a gameplay trailer that was available before the existence of man. However, since the Great Old Ones only had dial-up internet access until just a few days ago (old habits die hard), they’re finally able to share it with all of mankind who have since started to exist; the trailer is sure to excite players who are Thurston for more Magicka action—bah-dum-ching!"


Nemesys Games today announced the release of an Ignite demo on Steam, giving players a chance to try out the recently released racing game.

"Players can feel the heat of the nitro and get to know the asphalt with 3 cars, spanning 4 different
circuits with single and multiplayer action!

Ignite is an edge-of-your-seat racer, which pits you against your opponents in a unique way.  Players must collect  points while racing, by performing maneuvers, stunts and destruction to add to their overall score.  Once  past 1000 points, players can burn away their score to get ahead or save it for a time bonus at the end of the  race. Ignite sports 3 racing modes, 35 circuits to run, and a multitude of cars and configurations to speed through 7 different locations in single player or with up to 5 friends, via multiplayer."


Ubisoft today announced the release of a demo for Anno 2070, the next installment in the strategy series by Blue Byte.

"The demo will allow players to experience the first two missions of the game, where you will work for a tycoon leader who is building a hydroelectric power plant. Players will be required to generate manpower to construct a turbine for Global Trust, the organization belonging to the tycoons. During the missions, the player is guided by quests through the core gameplay mechanics imbedded in the brand new setting, dealing with its challenges.

The demo can be downloaded from:

Anno 2070TM is scheduled to release on November 18, 2011.  For more information, head to:"


Flying Wild Hog today announced the release of a v1.2 patch for Hard Reset, which includes a new Survival Mode.

"Survival Mode unleashes wave after wave of robotic hell upon the player, who has make good use of weapon upgrades to delay the inevitable as long as possible. The new game mode is available in all of the game's difficulty modes, and brings with it two new maps, as well as leaderboards to compare scores with friends.

In addition to Survival Mode, the 1.2 patch adds full NVIDIA 3D Vision and Surround support, as well as support for multiple displays. A number of other gameplay tweaks and fixes are also introduced in the patch, with Flying Wild Hog busily working on future content and gameplay updates.

Full patch notes can be found at For more information about Hard Reset, visit"


Ubisoft today announced the release of Might & Magic Heroes IV, which is now available worldwide. In addition, the first patch for the game has been released, bringing the game up to version 1.1.

"In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Might & Magic universe, Heroes VI reboots the acclaimed classic by rediscovering the essence and richness of previous universes and introducing a high-fantasy atmosphere in Ashan. In this updated installment, the landscapes and creatures from the World of Ashan are presented in improved 3D designs and includes an exclusive new bestiary. Also new to the franchise is the Reputation System, which allows Heroes to shape their own destiny through two intriguing scenarios, Blood and Tears.

Heroes VI is available as a PC Download for $49.99. A Deluxe Edition is also available for $54.99. This bonus edition of Heroes VI contains exclusive content including one bonus single player Skirmish map, four Dynasty Heroes, two Dynasty weapons, a one month subscription to Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms, game soundtrack, artbook and poster.

For more information, visit:"


"On top of various bug fixes and balancing, this “Day-1 Patch” also adds 5 new Multiplayer maps! Your game should update automatically when you launch the game while connected to Internet."


Croteam today announced the availability of a Serious Sam: Double D demo, giving players a chance to try out the indie side-scrolling shooter. The demo is available to download  through Steam, Get Games, Impulse and Direct2Drive.

"Serious Sam: Double D is full throttle action filled to the brim with trademark Serious Sam awesome and the ridiculous creativity of developer Mommy’s Best Games:

  • 80, 640 Gunstacker combinations
  • 18 jaw-clenching campaign levels
  • 3 brutally awesome time periods
  • 25 bizarrely monstrous creatures
  • 70 secrets hidden across the game
  • ginormous boss encounters
  • 12 gut-punching challenge levels
  • 30 Steam achievements
  • Occasional bewbs"

For more info visit:


Heatwave Interactive today announced that a free trial is now available for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, giving those interested a free go at the MMORPG by Perpetual Entertainment (dissolved) and Heatwave.

"The free trial unlocks the Gods & Heroes experience – it's our invitation for anyone passionate about mythology and legend to immerse themselves in this epic adventure of ancient Rome ," said Anthony Castoro, Heatwave CEO.

"Players can download  Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising and play for free for three days from Trials are limited to one per account, but players get to keep their accounts if they upgrade to a full version during the trial period."


CD Projekt Red today released the version 1.3 update for "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings", which includes the free "A Slackful of Fluff" DLC.

"The update includes a plethora of fan-requested improvements, including difficulty adjustments for the game’s Prologue, support for a variety of aspect ratios and a host of other gameplay tweaks and fixes. The Witcher 2 1.3 Update is available at and directly through digital distributors like, Steam, Direct2Drive and others.

“A Sackful of Fluff” is a new quest in Chapter 2 of the game. To start the quest, players must visit the eccentric Elthon, who inhabits a solitary hut near the quarry outside Vergen. The quest will prove most rewarding to those who demonstrate patience.

Key improvements in the 1.3 Update include:

  • Game now supports 4:3, 5:4, and 16:10 aspect ratios.
  • Item storage has been added. Players can now store items from their Inventory at inns. To leave items in storage or collect previously stored items, talk to innkeepers.
  • A ‘Junk’ panel has been added to the Inventory to provide greater clarity in item classification.
  • A new menu option has been added under ‘Extras’ – this enables players to view in-game animated sequences (flashbacks, memory flashes, dreams stolen by harpies) outside of the game.
  • ‘Dragon’ section of Prologue does not become available until after all assault-related sections have been completed, thereby softening the difficulty curve at the start of the game.

The full list of fixes and tweaks can be found at"


Valve today announced that "Team Fortress 2" is now free to play. In addition, the Uber Update has been released along with details on updates to the medic class.

"New players interested in experiencing what PC Gamer calls "the most fun you can have online" will have access to training and offline practice modes, so they can hone their skills before jumping into the ever-expanding TF2 universe.

TF2 is now Free to Play for PC & Mac players via Steam.

For more information on Free to Play, please visit"

Meet the Medic:

"Dr. Frankenstein. Dr. Moreau. Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Any time a physician starts messing around creating life, trying to improve the species with a giraffe neck or two, or taming a cowboy's heart, you can bet things are going to end badly. The moral of these stories? Play God, and there is a 100% chance you will be mauled to death by leopard men.

To that we say pshht. The real moral of Frankenstein is: If you're going to bring a guy back to life with lightning, maybe don't give him the brain of a serial killer. Try a vegan librarian. If you're stitching together animal-man hybrids, how about not jumping straight to ravenous hyenas? Start with hamsters, see how that goes, and work your way up the food chain.

Never toil in God's domain? Good advice if you're an idiot. If you know what you're doing, though, toil away. Why not give the Demo a couple extra livers? Why not replace Sniper's spine with a giant piece of sheet metal? Why not stitch a mouth onto Scout's backside so he can literally talk out of his ass?

Which brings us to our point. Not every mad doctor lives in a castle surrounded by villagers with pitchforks. Sometimes they live in the trenches, where there's plenty of spare parts flying around and a pressing need to get inventive with them.

Let's Meet the Medic."



A "Dungeon Siege III" demo was released on Steam today, giving players a chance to try out the anticipated upcoming sequel by Obsidian.

"The Dungeon Siege III Demo is now available via Steam. Experience a small taste of Dungeon Siege III in single-player and 2-person local co-op play modes. (co-op requires two controllers)

Dungeon Siege III seamlessly blends intuitive action gameplay, a robust RPG system featuring a large selection of abilities, an extensive multiplayer component and the depth of story Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are known for creating."


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