38 Studios Buys Big Huge Games

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38 Studios, the company owned by former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, has acquired Big Huge Games from THQ.

"38 Studios is pleased to announce that it has just completed the acquisition of Big Huge Games, the extremely successful video game development studio known for making great RPG games.

Big Huge Games was founded in 2000 with the goal of creating top-quality strategy games, with an emphasis on excellence in game design, artwork, technology, and production value. They have proven their salt by producing award-winning games like Rise of Nations and Catan. The BHG team brings loads of talent; among their ranks are developers of well-known games like Oblivion, Alpha Centauri, Dawn of War, and Civilization II. Big Huge Games is currently in development on a number of unnamed products, including an RPG for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms.

38 Studios is very excited to be adding the famed Maryland-based company to the corporate family. Tim Train, General Manager of Big Huge Games, noted that the two studios share a common vision of creating engaging, exciting gaming experiences. Brett Close, 38’s CEO and President, added that there is great synergy between the companies. BHG’s expertise will allow 38 to easily expand the Copernicus IP across multiple genres, giving users a much broader, all-encompassing Online Entertainment Experience™. 38 Studios’ Founder and Chairman Curt Schilling emphasized that the BHG team has an amazing set of skills that will complement the already impressive team assembled in Maynard.

38 Studios sends a warm welcome to BHG — we’re looking forward to what your passion will bring to the ongoing development of the Copernicus IP as well as many future projects down the road. Simply stated, this is going to be an amazing time for all of us."


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