7DCD Gabe Newell Interview Provides Interesting Insight on Everything Valve

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7DCD started their podcast off with a bang, roping in Gabe Newell for a lengthy interview.  The interview covers CS: GO, Defense of the Ancients 2, the recent Tim Cook rumors, augmented reality, gaming hardware, MetaCritic scores, Valve’s management structure, and EA’s Origin service. He also mentions a few things on the development of “Ricochet 2“, which seems to be an obvious pretense for Half-Life 3 if you listen to it.

Gabe said the following on “Ricochet 2“:

“In terms of Ricochet 2, we always have this problem that when we talk about things too far in advance we end up changing our minds as we’re going through and developing stuff. So, as we’re thinking through the giant story arc, which is Ricochet 2, you might get to a point were you’re saying something is surprising us in a positive way and something is surprising us in a negative way. We’d like to be super transparent about the future of Ricochet 2. The problem is we think that the twists and turns that we’re going through would probably drive people more crazy than just being silent about it… until we can be very crisp about what’s happening next.”

A follow up question reveals that everyone was working on Ricochet 2 is still working on Ricochet 2.

 You can listen to the full podcast at: http://www.sevendaycooldown.com/site/episode001/



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