A Game of Dwarves Trailer

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Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios today released a new E3 trailer for A Game of Dwarves titled Bedtime Story, which focuses on the background story of the game.

“Overcoming the obstacles of subterranean lighting, dirt-caked lenses, and trying to buy new film in a treasure-based economy, they have provided the world with some early looks at dwarves in motion. Now, players everywhere can see just what they’re up against in the upcoming dwarf-management title, keeping tabs on a growing population of drunken miners.

“A Game of Dwarves Bedtime Story Trailer” features gameplay, dwarves, and over the top accents, telling the magnificent story of the rise and fall of the expansive (though not particularly tall) Dwarven empire, alluding to their glorious return to power and giving us a glimpse of the dark side of the Dwarven universe.”


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