Achron Released

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Hazardous Software today announced the release of Achron, a real-time strategy game featuring time travel. Customers who purchase the game this week will received the soundtrack at no extra cost. The game is available to purchase on the game's website and Steam.

"Merging classic RTS gameplay with unparalleled strategic freedom, Achron enables multiple players the chance to outwit and engage their opponents in open warfare utilizing real time travel elements. Time travel strategy allows for creative and subversive tactics which can be chained together to protect, undermine, escape, and set traps in nearly infinite combinations.  Achron features uniquely competitive multiplayer, and an engaging 35 mission single player campaign.

Building on the unique story opportunities presented by time travel, Achron's single-player experience includes 35 missions with multiple solutions for victory. The campaigns establish the dangerous frontier of the Achron universe and introduce players to navigating the offensive and defensive possibilities of time travel.

Customers who purchase Achron this week will and receive a free digital download of Achron's orchestral/electronic soundtrack, featuring over an hour of original music.

For more information on Achron, visit"


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  • Developer: Hazardous Software
  • Publisher: Hazardous Software
  • Genre: RTS
  • Release Date: August 28, 2011
  • Link: The Official Site
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