Action Half-Life 2 Version 1.0 Released

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How about this for a nice Monday surprise? Ministry of Action and A-Team have announced the release of version 1.0 of "Action Half-Life 2", sequel to the original Half-Life modification but of course this time, as  Half-Life 2 mod.

"Yes.. it’s release day… after several months of work we’ve finally reached our first release!

It’s been a lot of work and much effort has gone in from all involved… so well done guys! We made it!

Since it’s a first release, beta, etcetera etcetera, yada yada, you know this talk: It’s by no means done, polished or complete. It’s rough around the edges and in various other places, but so far we’ve been having a massive blast playing it, and we hope you will too.

After downloading close the steam service, install, restart, and it should work by magic.

Fun is mandatory, the rest is optional. So enjoy.

With the best regards of your favorite mod team"

The mod can be downloaded from Ministry of Action or ModDB. ModDB also has a trailer.


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