Air Aces: Pacific Announced

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Polish developer Wastelands Interactive today announced "Air Aces: Pacific," an upcoming flight simulation combat game.

"Take off and dive into the aerial battles over the Pacific. Enjoy innovative graphics and one of a kind set of dynamic sceneries. Fly admiring wonderful sunny skies in earthly paradise and fight during murky nights full of heavy rain and lighting. Shoot and win, bomb and destroy! Gain praise and glory and become one of the best Pacific War pilots!

Games Features:

  • Realistic aerial battles
  • Dynamic sceneries
  • Tens of simultaneously active planes
  • Variable reality settings
  • Several available planes
  • Career mode"



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  • Developer: Wastelands Interactive
  • Publisher:
  • Genre: Flight Combat Sim
  • Release Date:
  • Link: The Official Site
  • ESRB Rating:
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