Allods Online: The Fury of War Launched

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gPotato announced yesterday that "Volume 3: The Fury of War", for "Allods Online", is now live across European servers.

"The Fury of War has a focus on content for high-level players and delivers a host of brand new options for developing and upgrading guilds, including an opportunity to contest ownership and control of entire allods within the game’s expansive universe via the Astral Confrontation feature.

PvP, raiding  and guild confrontation is expected to hit new heights as players experience the Melting Isle and Junes Catacombs, which alongside the new guild features combine to create the most compelling and feature-rich subscription-free MMO currently available.

To get the new expansion, just log in to the game and the patch will start automatically. Are you new in the Allods Online universe? Just register for a free account and download the game at For more information please visit the official Allods website:"


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