Allods Online: Undaunted Launched

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Gala Networks Europe today announced that Allods Online: Undaunted, the latest expansion for the MMORPG by Astrum Nival.

"The update brings some significant changes to the impressive MMO title, with improvements across the board for new players and seasoned veterans alike. Also announced today to celebrate the launch of Allods Online: Undaunted is a novel take on a lucky-dip lottery, which sees every single player gaining access to free items in the premium store!
Each player who has an account with Allods Online, as well all new accounts who reach level 20 by January 1, 2012 will receive a Box of Boutique Coins. The Box can be opened once a day and up to 10 times in total, and when opened the player is guaranteed to receive a total of at least €1, but also has a chance to win a grand prize of €100 worth of Boutique Coins! The Coins can be spent in the premium shop, or traded to other players in game for gold or items.
To provide an easier access to Allods Online for new players, the first 25 levels of combat have been completely revised, without watering down the core game that over 3.5 million players worldwide have come to love. The levelling system has been streamlined and simplified as well, with the complicated fatigue system removed completely, so that players can enjoy a faster levelling experience all the way up to the maximum at level 47. From today on, players can also experience two new player classes; the Elven Psionicist, also known as Oracles, and the Xadaganian Mage, known as Specialists.
High-level players will be able to discover the Mausoleum of Sparks, an innovative MMORPG take on the classic survival mode, where players can compete with a single group of their compatriots to be the best on their server and win unique titles, auras, and mount skins. Allods Online: Undaunted also sees a change for the Arena of Death PvP that so far has been opened twice a day. From now on this dedicated PvP area for two raids of 24 players can be accessed constantly for player-on-player battling as a new matchmaking system has been implemented to the game. Finally, all Astral adventurers with their own ships can now customise the interiors of their craft with all manner of decor accessories, from rugs and throws to paintings and full suites of furniture.
For more information and to discover Allods Online and the world of Sarnaut for free on the portal, players can simply register accounts and download the full game at:"


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