America’s Army Graphic Novel Launched

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The US Army has launched a graphic novel based on "America’s Army 3", which is available for free on the AA website.

"This exclusive online novel allows readers to explore the storyline behind the AA3 game through stories that showcase Army operations, Military Occupational Specialties, and high tech equipment while following the lives of U.S. Army Soldiers at home station and while deployed. Readers will discover stories of bravery and teamwork by Soldiers whose jobs include Intelligence Analyst, Medic, UAV Operator, Infantryman, and Apache Helicopter Pilot.

Chapter 1, "Knowledge is Power" opens with the deployment of a U.S. Army Long Range Surveillance (LRS) team as a conflict arises between two fictitious countries, Czervenia and the Republic of the Ostregals. In this issue, U.S. Army Soldiers demonstrate combat readiness through superior military intelligence and elite training as they join coalition forces providing humanitarian aid to an allied country under genocidal attack. When an ominous plan is discovered and a dangerous conflict erupts, the U.S. Army answers the call.

"Many America’s Army players are huge graphic novel fans so this is an excellent way to further explore today’s Army and the lives of Soldiers," said Michael Barnett, Executive Producer for the graphic novel. "This is the most authentic graphic novel about the Army every produced. U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers ensured the accuracy of every detail from the dialog to the uniforms to the placement of the glow sticks strapped onto the gear of an airborne LRS team as they skydive from the back of a C130. And by reading the graphic novel, players may find useful game tips that may give them an edge when playing AA3 this summer."

The online graphic novel features an original flash interface with advanced viewing controls to grab and flip pages as one would a printed comic and to zoom-in on a specific panel to more easily read it and enjoy the art. Many pages have context links so readers can click to learn more about Army life, jobs, or gear or reference the "field manual" which offers readers a glossary of terms and Army acronyms.

America’s Army – The Graphic Novel was produced by Michael Barnett and written by M. Zachary Sherman (Shrapnel) with art by Michael Penick (The Corps!) and J. Brown (Thunderbolts).  The web interface was developed by Bill Howard."


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