ArmA II: Editor Basics Dev Diary Video

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Bohemia Interactive released a new dev diary video today, which focuses on the game’s mission editor.

"The eagerly anticipated sandbox PC military shooter smash hit of 2009, ARMA II, has released worldwide and is available for all who want to visit the post-soviet republic of Chernarus and enjoy the many fantastic features of this monumental war simulator.

Jan Prazak, Bohemia’s PR manager explains the basic workings of the ARMA II mission editor, again using comprehensive video footage captured in-game.

"ARMA II includes a very easy to use editor, yet it’s one of the most sophisticated mission editors available in a PC title. It allows players to create their own missions, or even whole campaigns in just a few minutes." introduces Jan Prazak and continues "Working with it is very easy and quick. In the ARMA II mission editor, players can use every one of hundreds of game’s object and models such as weapons, vehicles, aircraft or characters and place them anywhere in the ARMA II game world which has a size of 225km2. The main goal of this dev. diary is to introduce the basic workings of the editor to casual players and allow them to enjoy the infinite possibilities and unlimited gameplay of this, the most sophisticated military simulator on the market."

ARMA II offers the ultimate realistic combat simulation experience in a modern day setting. With unprecedented freedom of movement, actions and tactics, the game allows players to immerse themselves in battle as never seen before.

Join the duty in ARMA II, this ultimate military simulator, and get a taste of what it takes to be a soldier in a modern warfare conflict! Visit for more information!"



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