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505 Games has released a new trailer for "ArmA II," giving viewers more of a look at the upcoming shooter sequel by Bohemia Interactive.

"Developed by Czech-based studio Bohemia Interactive, ArmA II features incredibly in-depth combat and tactical warfare on a massive scale. In fact, the game engine that powers ArmA II (Real Virtuality) is so realistic that armies across the globe use it as a framework for their virtual simulations and it’s been constantly refined and improved during more than 10 years of development.

This first in-game trailer showcases the Real Virtuality engine and demonstrates its ability to produce incredible military simulation. Whether you’re flying an attack chopper, blowing up houses in a tank or creeping through the forest ready to pick off your enemy, ArmA II offers unprecedented realism and intense action.

In ArmA II, you’re part of an elite squad of American soldiers sent behind enemy lines to restore peace to Chernarus, a Soviet country ripped apart by civil war as warring rival factions fight to take control of the troubled state. In an epic story full of plot twists and turns, it becomes clear that the troubles plaguing Chernarus are deeper than anyone thought and the battle intensifies to extreme levels.

Building upon the foundations laid by its predecessor, ArmA II features refined graphics; unscripted AI opponents that ensure no skirmish ever plays out in the same way; 225sq km of gameplay area including more than 50 different towns and villages, alongside lush forests and wind-swept beaches; 136 different vehicles variants including helicopters, tracked armoured vehicles, boats and even bicycles and 81 weapon variants."


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