Audiosurf Update Released

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Valve sends word of a new large update release for "Audiosurf", the popular music based game. The free update adds unicode support, enhanced community features, netbook play support, a new visualizer, and more.

"Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song selected. Points are earned for clustering together blocks of the same color on the highway. The game also allows gamers to compete with others on the Internet for the highest score on any song they own.

The title was created by solo developer Dylan Fitterer, who came up with the design for Audiosurf after six months of running, where Fitterer released a new game every Friday. Fitterer’s favorite design produced during this period was Tune Racer, which was iterated and evolved into Audiosurf.

Owners of Audiosurf will automatically receive the International Update by connecting to Steam, where Audiosurf is offered for just $9.99.

For more information, please visit"


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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Release Date: February 14, 2008
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