Aztaka Released

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Quebec developer Citeremis has announced the release of it’s side-scrolling RPG "Aztaka", which is available to purchase on the Citeremis website and Direct2Drive.

"Inspired by Aztec legend, Aztaka drops players into the middle of a war between mankind and the gods. Only Huitzilo, who is skilled in the arts of combat and magic, can save his people from the wrath of the Aztec deities.

Aztaka features richly detailed backdrops and fluid character animation, immersing players in a heroic quest to collect the seven Phonograms. Featuring 21 levels packed with mythological creatures, quests and puzzles, Aztaka provides a new universe for RPG/action fans to explore and discover.

“We worked on Aztaka for three years, with the goal of bringing the industry a fresh and unique RPG/action game with quality artwork and sound,” says Jonathan Mercier, executive producer and programmer at Citérémis.

With Aztaka, which combines role-playing elements with side-scrolling gameplay, Citérémis hopes to reach fans that played SNES and NES titles like Battle of Olympus, Zelda II and Metroid in the early days of console gaming. “Our goal from the start was to stir up feelings of nostalgia in those players and to convey to a new generation of players the magic of discovering a challenging and refreshing new world,” Mercier says.

The music in Aztaka features live musicians and a choir as well as a specially designed music and sound system that adapts to Huitzilo’s emotional state during gameplay.

“We created a new epic universe based on Aztec legends, and our partners followed our lead by providing artwork and music to match,” says Samuel Mercier, game designer at Citérémis. “Aztaka features massive hand-painted backgrounds, beautifully rendered characters, adaptive music and a stunning sound system from our friends at 3 Peak Audio.”

Visit to begin exploring this unique world."


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