Battlefield Heroes: Buccaneer Heroes Trailer

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A new trailer for "Battlefield Heroes: Buccaneer Heroes" has been released, giving viewers a look at the upcoming content pack that will be released this summer. In addition, two Buccaneer sets have been released for purchase as a small sample of things to come.

"Heroic Buccaneers join the fight, with more to come this summer.

In an epic search reaching to the 4 corners of the globe, heroes must be found to help turn the tide in world stricken with an endless conflict. The first of those heroes have heeded the call, and the Heroic Buccaneers join the battle with flintlock pistols and explosives in hand.

The Heroic Buccaneers are but the first in a long line of things to come this summer. Check back for regular and bigger updates and do not miss out on the Summer of Heroes!

Get the Heroic Buccaneer sets here!

Jack Swashbuckler! (Royal)

Blackbeard! (National)"


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