Bethesda Sues Interplay

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It has been revealed that Bethesda has sued Interplay over Fallout intellectual property. Bethesda purchased the rights for Fallout from Interplay in 2004 but Bethesda gave back MMO rights to Interplay if Interplay started on the development of a Fallout MMO within two years. In April, Bethesda had the MM0 rights revoked because Interplay failed to begin full-scale development on a Fallout 3 MMO. Here’s more from Gamespot:

"This week, the Bethesda-Interplay disagreement was elevated to a legal level, when Bethesda filed suit in federal court in Maryland. The suit accuses Interplay of 10 counts of breach of contract and trademark infringement by not abiding by a trademark license agreement (TLA) it had with Bethesda. The first was in relation to the Fallout MMORPG, which stipulated that Interplay had to have raised at least $30 million in funding for the project by the end of March 2009. As evidence such fund-raising did not occur, Bethesda points to a June 30 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission which said Interplay had $2.54 million in debt and only $16,000 in cash assets.

Bethesda’s complaint also claims that, 11 days after being informed the Fallout MMORPG license had been revoked and it could not enter into a deal with any third parties, Interplay formalized a deal with Bulgarian studio Masthead to develop the MMORPG Project V13."

More at Gamespot.


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