Bulletstorm Demo

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A "Bulletstorm" demo has been released on Steam, giving players a chance to try out the FPS by People Can Fly and Epic Games that was released at the end of February.

"As Grayson Hunt, players wield an arsenal of over-the-top combat moves and outrageously large guns that feed into distinct ‘skillshot’ system producing unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay and yell-inducing satisfaction."

For more info visit http://www.bulletstorm.com/


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Bulletstorm Boxart


  • Developer: Epic / People Can Fly
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: FPS
  • Release Date: February 21, 2011
  • Link: The Official Site
  • ESRB Rating:

Minimum Requirements

• Win XP (SP3)/Vista (SP2)/Windows 7
• Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equivalent 1.6 GHz CPU
• 1.5GB RAM
• 9GB HDD Space
• DirectX 9.0c compatible 256MB video card
• DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
• 16X CD/DVD Drive Network connection

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