Cities in Motion Metro Trailer

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Paradox Interactive today released a new metro trailer for "Cities in Motion", giving viewers a look at the gameplay in the upcoming transportation sim game by Colossal Order.

"The Metro  trailer gives a glimpse into one of several ways for players to transport the masses across one of four cities in the game, showing an underground subway mode as well as elevated track sections with trains travelling up above the city streets on their way to various destinations."



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  1. rezolver says:

    A nice upgrade to OpenTTD. I for one will purchase this, as long as it doesn’t fall on its face just like Cities XL and its ‘successor’ Cities XL 2011 did.

    Keep up the terrific work Paradox. Your games are engaging, fun and complex.

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Cities in Motion Boxart


  • Developer: Colossal Order
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genre: Sim
  • Release Date: February 21, 2011
  • Link: The Official Site
  • ESRB Rating:

Minimum Requirements

• Win XP/Vista/7
• 2GHz Dual Core CPU
• 2GB HDD Space
• NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 3850 GPU
• OpenGL 3.0

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