Cities XL Beta Sign-ups

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Monte Cristo has announced that beta sign-ups for "Cities XL" have begun.

"In the upcoming weeks, you could participate in our Closed Beta tests and get an exclusive access to Cities XL.

Cities XL is the next-generation of City Builder games, in which you will be challenged as a mayor with the continuous growth and development of your city. You will be able to meet and exchange with other players in an Online mode and specialize your cities with integrated Tycoon games. Click here to find out more about Cities XL.

In order to win an access to our Closed Beta tests, you will first need to register an account.

After completing the registration process, a few lucky beta testers will be selected. The Cities XL team will accept qualified testers as they are needed, and participants will be notified via the email address provided in their registration account settings. Be sure to check back on our website to get more info on the details of the Beta Tests."


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