Cities XL Closed Beta Begins

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Monte Cristo has announced that the closed beta for "Cities XL" has launched and that interested gamers can still apply for a key.

"CITIES XL enables players to develop and run their own cities, built on realistic 3D maps featuring a variety of environments from mountain ranges to beaches and islands. Each city manager, or mayor, needs to create the right combinations of job opportunities, social services, leisure activities, and special events that will occupy and entertain their citizens.

In the Beta programme, mayors can trade with one another, manage their economy and team up with neighbouring cities to create sprawling metropolises. The Beta version of CITIES XL is fully playable with online elements fully implemented.

“We’re delighted to have reached this milestone in the development of CITIES XL with the start of the Beta programme,” said Jerome Gastaldi, CEO of Monte Cristo, “We can’t wait to see how players interact with CITIES XL to create some amazing cities, and of course it will be an incredibly valuable testing time for the game itself.”

Visit for more information about the game, and to learn more about the beta programme."


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