Darkest Hour Content Update Released

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Tripwire Interactive and the "Darkest Hour" development team have released a large update for the "Darkest Hour" mod, which is available to download free from Steam for "Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45" owners.

"This content update features 2 new weapons, 6 new roles, 11 new maps and 13 new playable vehicles – we said it was a huge update!

The new maps:

  • Bridgehead
  • Caen
  • Cambes-en-Plaine
  • Carentan Causeway
  • Gran
  • Hill 400
  • Kommerscheidt
  • Lutremange
  • Poteau Ambush
  • Simonskall
  • Vieux Recon

Ally vehicles:

  • Sherman M4A3E2 ‘Jumbo’
  • GMC 2.5 Ton Truck
  • Sherman M4A3 (75 mm)W
  • Sherman M4A3 (76 mm)W
  • M-8 Greyhound
  • M-18 Hellcat

German vehicles:

  • Jagdtiger (Jagdpanzer VI Ausf. B)
  • Marder III Ausf. M
  • SdKfz 234/1 Armored Car
  • SdKfz 234/2 "Puma"
  • Jagdpanzer IV Ausf F (L/48)
  • Jagdpanzer IV Ausf J (L/70)
  • StuH 42

In addition, there are new crewable mortars, a new set of roles – and a very long list of other changes. For the full details, head for the Darkest Hour website at http://www.darkesthourgame.com"



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