Darkspore Hero Spotlight Video – Skar

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Electronic Arts today released a new hero spotlight video for "Darkspore", which features Skar.

Info on Skar from the Darkspore Wiki:

"Before the devastation wrought by the Darkspore, no force was feared more on Nocturna as much as the Nocturni Legion, largely due to creatures like Skar. And such fear was the result of genetic manipulation by the horrific Crogenitor Ingto, who loved nothing more than inspiring terror in his subjects, and sometimes, in their prey.

Amplifying Skar's naturally-occurring necrotic powers, Ingto gave Skar to storm through waves of enemies with blitzkrieg intensity. Skar smashed foes with dual strikes and shadow stings, and in rare moments of vulnerability, he'd retreat behind a cloak of invisibility. Even greater than his powers was his acumen, which enabled Skar to take advantage of any opportunity or weakness."


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