DNF and Black Mesa Hit Wired’s Vaporware List Again

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Wired's vaporware list for 2010 has been posted, which includes the obvious "Duke Nukem Forever" again and "Black Mesa" for a second year.

The good news for Duke Nukem fans is, of course, that the long promised sequel should actually be released this year now that 2K owns the rights and Gearbox took over development from 3D Realms. Hopefully, it will be the last time this long mocked title makes the list.

If you want to be the ultimate troll, head on over to the Black Mesa forums and ask when the mod will be released. Impatience is breeding hostility (that wasn't posted by us) within that community so we suggest you steer clear until there's something solid to go on. This Half-Life 2 modification was at one point supposed to be released in 2009 but it was pushed back. We haven't heard much about the mod since 2009 and have nearly forgotten about it.


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