Double Action Summer Kickstarter

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A new project on Kickstarter is calling itself the successor of the Half-Life mod The Specialists, and with good reason, as it’s being developed by some of the same people.

“We need your help to finish the first version of the game, codename Boogaloo, by the end of the summer. This means at least two agent models, six weapons, six style skills, four to six levels and three stunts. This is a small feature set compared to a triple-A game, but we want to focus on a small feature set and make it the best it can be before we move on. Subsequent versions will feature more ways of being stylish, more stunts, more weapons, more maps, more agents, more style skills.

That’s a lot of work, but if we need to take time off from our jobs and schoolwork this summer to focus on the game then we can finish it. The date of delivery of the game (and all physical rewards) will be August 2013, or in other words, in six months. We already have a playable “beta” with all of the core mechanics in place, and to finish we need to fill in the gaps in the art and refine the design.”


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