E.Y.E. Delayed, Soundtrack Released

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Streum On Studio today announced that "E.Y.E.", the upcoming RPG inspired by Blade Runner, among other things, has been delayed without a new date given. However, the game's soundtrack has been released for those who are eagerly waiting.

"We were ready to release E.Y.E at the end of February, but our final tests showed us some weakness in the polishing. We preferred to re-work these few points to offer you a game as perfect as possible instead of hastening ourselves to release it. A new release date is going to be announced very soon.

We hope the people who are waiting for our game will be ready to forgive us. In order to thank you for your patience and to help you waiting, we offer you the complete E.Y.E OST by our composer Olivier "_Max_" Zuccaro."


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