Eleventh PoxNora Expansion Released

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Sony Online Entertainment today announced the release of "Broodcall," the eleventh expansion for PoxNora.

"The Broodcall storyline introduces players to eight new dragons, powerful new runes and an Avatar level cap increase.

"With Broodcall we’re introducing a new storyline with eight faction-specific dragons for players to add to their battle groups," said Dan Kopycienski, director of development for SOE Tucson. "As the popularity of PoxNora continues to grow with more players jumping on board every day, it’s exciting that we are able to provide new and returning players with fresh and engaging content."

About Broodcall In Broodcall, the peoples of Valdac have fallen victim to a dreadful plague that changes the inhabitants into monstrosities, and the arrival of dragons threatens to plunge the entire world into a never-ending abyss of fire and ash.

Broodcall Features:

  • 72 New Runes – Broodcall introduces 72 powerful new runes to PoxNora, including 40 champions, eight of which are brand new dragons that have come to the aid of their factions in the ongoing war.
  • More Experience – Broodcall will expand the Avatar’s level cap to 30 making them even more powerful, just in time to meet the new dragon menace!
  • New Relics, Spells and Equipment – A strong Battle Group doesn’t depend upon units alone and Broodcall introduces a host of new supplemental runes to help you turn the tide in a fierce melee.
  • New Campaign – Broodcall introduces one new campaign with four encounters, which thrust players into the dragon storyline.
  • Trader Update – The trade system will be more streamlined for our advanced and newer users. This includes a new feature, Quick-Trade, that allows trade creators to state their ideal bid for the trade, and if a bidder fills the request the trade is completed instantly.
  • Premium Membership – Warbanner Rentals will now be included with Premium memberships in Broodcall. The new feature will allow premium members to use any of the eight warbanners, unlimited, while a member. Once the player chooses to stop their membership s/he will lose access to the warbanners.

Broodcall is now available at www.PoxNora.com"


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