Eurogamer Interviews Half-Life 2 Thief

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Eurogamer posted a great write-up on Axel Gembe, the then-German teenager who broke into Valve's network and was able to make a copy of a portion of "Half-Life 2's" source code before the game was released. Gembe, who served two years probation for the crime, regrets all of his previous illegal activities ending the interview with the quote:

"You are my favorite developer, and I will always buy your games."

The in-depth interview describes exactly what methods Gembe used to break into Valve and how he was caught. Gembe claims that he only wanted to obtain files for himself, because he was frustrated with the delay of the highly anticipated "Half-Life 2" and wanted to get any information he could. After bragging to a friend though, the files soon ended up on torrent trackers.

After Gembe was arrested, he began to turn his life around and he eventually landed a job in the computer security sector.

Find the article at Eurogamer.


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