Europa Universalis III Complete Release Date

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Paradox Interactive has announced that "Europa Universalis III: Complete" will be released the 14th of October in North America and the 17th of October in Europe.

"Included in the collection is the multiple award- winning Europa Universalis III enhanced by the expansions Napoleon´s Ambition and In Nomine. The timeline of the original game has been expanded, forward through the Napoleonic Era to 1820, and backwards to let you start as early as 1399, while the Hundred Years War between England and France is still going on.

Europa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. It is an epic strategy game where players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a great global empire.

Thousands of missions and decisions create a deeply engrossing historical framework, where you guide your country through the eras to write history as you intend it to be.

About the expansion Napoleon´s Ambition:

The expansion Napoleon’s Ambition takes the award winning Europa Universalis III all the way into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era.

About the expansion In Nomine:

Start in October 1399 and the coronation of Henry IV of England. Experience over 50 more years of game play, living through the Byzantine Empire, Tamerlane and the end of the Hundred Years War."


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