Eve Online $10K Tournament Begins in November

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CCP today announced a partnership with own3D.tv for an Eve Online tournament with a $10,000 prize pool.

“Following the success of Alliance Tournament X in July 2012 we have been looking for opportunities that allow EVE players to flourish in an eSports environment. Our friends at own3D.tv have approached us about hosting a tournament in November and December of this year with a prize pool of a whopping $10,000, which we were more than happy to arrange. This blog is going to cover a lot of information and will be quite lengthy so please bear with us!

This is the first EVE Online cash tournament and we are very excited about bringing this to every player in the EVE Universe.

Tournament dates

The tournament will run over three consecutive weekends in November and December 2012. A full schedule will be published at a later date once all tournament slots have been filled. What we can confirm now is that the following will be our broadcast dates:

  • Saturday, November 17 and Sunday November 18
  • Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25
  • Saturday, December 1 and Sunday, December 2″

More details on the Dev Blog.


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