EVE Online Pakistan Flood Fundraiser

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EVE Online started a fundraiser for the Pakistani flood victims, in which players donate the in-game currency, PLEX, and on October 6 CCP Games will convert the contributions to real cash.

"CCP Games will convert contributions into cash and donate them to a relief organization assisting those affected by the monsoonal floods, which have already resulted in thousands of deaths and impacted millions.

In its first PLEX for GOOD campaign, EVE raised over $40K for Haiti earthquake victims.

This is quite the contrast to the big EVE news from last week about a player who stole $45,000 USD worth of in-game currency through a shady investment/theft scheme, and leads one to ponder the age-old question of ‘are humans essentially good or evil?’.

It also demonstrates that video games not only let people explore their basest instincts, but can also help players engage in more altruistic desires."

More details can be found on the official site.


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