EverQuest II Revamped Freeport City Trailer

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Sony Online Entertainment today released a new trailer of the revamped Freeport in EverQuest II, which will be included in the upcoming Update 62.

"Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) invites fans to journey through EverQuest II's Game Update 62 with Game Designers Jonathan Caraker and Nathan McCall, Art Director Tim Heydelaar and Lead Character Artist Dave Brown. From ruins and chaos to a city of intimidation and evil, EQ II fans get a glimpse of the revamped city of Freeport in this new video.

About Freeport:
After enduring an aftermath of violence and disorder, the citizens of Freeport are inspired to action as Overlord Lucan D'Lere returns to eliminate those who betrayed him, consolidate his hold on the city, and restore Freeport to its rightful place as the center of power in Norrath. Transformed into one single zone with a convenient central commerce hub by the docks, Freeport features new quests at different levels that allow all players to assist the city and learn more about its story."


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