EverQuest II: The Children of War Released

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Sony Online Entertainment today announced the release of Game Update 60, "The Children of War", for "EverQuest: II".

"Continuing the Age’s End Prophecy storyline first introduced to players in the EQII: Destiny of Velious (DOV) expansion pack released earlier this year, the milestone update to the iconic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) delivers fresh content for all players, including unseen battlegrounds and improvements to PvP.
Game Update 60 Includes:

PvP & Battlegrounds improvements, including but not limited to:

  • Lobby system so players can hang together between matches with PvP merchants available locally
  • New Velious battleground map (“The Frozen Tundra”)
  • New Battleground game type (“Vanquish!”)
  • PvP and Battlegrounds rule modifications for better balance and fun
  • Fame system improvements
  • New Velious Discord faction to purchase new PvP equipment and adornments
  • Additional new PvP armor and adornments


  • New Adornments interface to make this system easier to understand
  • Continued honing of the itemization system


  • Three new heroic dungeons:
    • Confront Warmaster Grolla Skullwielder in the Spire of Rage
    • Challenge Warmaster Korok Hai in the Strategist’s Stronghold
    • Battle Warmaster Deynka Packlasher in the Tower of Tactics
  • One new x2 raid – Citadel of V’uul
    • Defeat Queen Vorticia V’uul in the Citadel of V’uul
  • Three new x4 raids [all available in Normal and Challenge modes]:
    • Encounter Sullon Zek in Sullon’s Spire
    • Test your strength against Tallon Zek in Tallon’s Stronghold
    • Prove yourself against Vallon Zek in Vallon’s Tower

Additional Content:

  • Visit Whipmaster Snargeant in the Fortress of Drunder to assist with new daily missions within Drunder
  • Speak to Provocateur Bas Darkfrost at Thurgadin Docks to earn Primal Velium Shards through a new solo quest
  • Two new heritage quests
  • Additional signature quest line
  • New tradeskill quests and recipes
  • New adornments interface
  • Ratonga players will find Qeynos has become more accepting of their presence
  • And Coming Soon: Help build the wizard and druid transportation network in Velious

For more information on the EverQuest II Game Update 60, visit: http://everquest2.com/."


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