Extra Items for Frozenbyte Humble Bundle Customers Released

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The Frozenbyte Humble Bundle reached a $700,000 milestone. To celebrate, Frozenbyte has released additional free bonuses for customers, which includes a playable teaser of "Splot", the source code for "Shadowgrounds" and "Shadowgrounds Survivor", and a "Trine" level editor.

  • First, there's a playable teaser game of Splot, available at http://www.splotgame.com/ for all Humble Frozenbyte Bundle purchasers (using the link from the download page of the bundle). Splot is available for "preorder" in the bundle – all purchasers will get the full game when it's done in 2-3 months.
  • Second, we have released the source code for our Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor games.
  • And finally, a long-awaited fan favorite: the Trine level editor is now available from the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle download page.

"In addition, the Linux build of Trine has been updated (including better compatibility and improved graphics rendering, and many other fixes). We'll also have other new builds coming shortly or next week (incl. new Mac build of Trine to fix MacBook Pro 13" graphics rendering and Mac/Linux build of Jack Claw)."


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