Fable III Village Maker Launched

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Microsoft and Lionhead today announced the launch of "Fable III Village Maker", a character creator which gives pre-order customers can create a villager.

"Your custom in-game villager will deliver to your hero a thrilling new quest and 1,000 gold fortune, and then continue to interact with you on your journey to become ruler of Albion. I think it's very important to stress the point that this is an exclusive quest and the only way to get it is by placing a pre-order!

Fans can utilize the tool to create a male or female villager with more than 2,000 different variations, including an enthralling backstory for the character, unique personality traits, clothing, accent, hairstyles and the region they hail from. Whether you create a valiant ally, an evil villain, or perhaps the perfect spouse, let your imagination run free as you make your mark in the fantastical world of Fable III.

The fun doesn’t stop there. With the Villager Maker, you’ll be able to save your character as a desktop wallpaper and share your creation with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to see who has the coolest design. Anyone can start designing, but transporting the villager into Fable III is a reward given only to fans who pre-order the game at participating retailers. A redeemable code will be provided that allows players to bring their character creation to life in Fable III when the game launches.

We've made a short video tutorial explaining the Villager Maker which you can find below. It includes never seen before game footage so be sure to check it out. You can find the Villager Maker on www.lionhead.com/Fable3VillagerMaker and you can place a pre-order for Fable III with your local and / or participating retailer, or follow this link to our order page."



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