Firearms: Source 1.0 Released

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The "Firearms: Source" website has been updated with the announcement that version 1.0 has been released.

"Hi Folks, we finally have hit our first release. People who plan to host dedicated servers for Firearms Source can now begin to set up them up in anticipation for release day. Just got to our Downloads page and you can download Server build of Firearms Source 1.0 which will include everything except the client.dll. So upon release of the client, we will have a Server patch that includes any server fixes and the client.dll which is needed to allow players on the server.

Wondering what some of the key features of our mod are? Firearms: Source is a fast-paced, quasi-realistic, action-oriented, warfare-centric modification for Valve's Source engine. FAS doesn't keep you waiting around to respawn or running forever to get into the action; our whole focus is on keeping you in the midst of the most brutal and violent firefights you've ever seen in Half-Life 2, period."

A list of download mirrors can be found on the official site.


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  1. Fips says:

    Ooo, I haven't heard from this mod since playing the original for Half-Life way back when. May just have to spend an evening trying this one out, I seem to remember it had some fun features not usually found in other mods of that type.

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