Fistful of Frags Beta 2.1 Released

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The Fistful of Frags website has been updated announcing the release of beta version 2.1.

"We continue our effort to improve Fistful of Frags with this new beta. First of all, we have completely redone the animations for Colt Navy, coachgun, Smith carbine and Henry rifle! There is also some important modifications done to bow, there´s only one bow type which fires any kind of arrow, and is also available a new arrow type. Fiery arrows aren´t very western like but we ensure they are hilarious, fun and make possible some new tactics too. Finally, the bug which prevented servers to be displayed in Steam´s server browser is fixed.

Apart from these important additions we have added some other new fx´s, fixes and gameplay changes."

You can find a list of mirrors and view the changelog at the official Fistful of Frags site.


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