Freeman’s Mind Creator Quits

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Ross Scott, creator of the hilarious "Freeman's Mind" machinima series based on the original Half-Life game, has announced that he is quitting due to difficult deadlines but will still continue creating episodes.

"The reason for me leaving is pretty simple. I was getting less done on the stuff I wanted to work on, and I found it much more stressful than working independently. I was working 7 days a week for months, (about 70-80 hours a week in October, 50-60 hours a week in November) and I was either just barely making deadlines, or falling behind on all fronts. Also it led to me having basically no free time, and I had to neglect everything else; exercise, basic household maintenance, recreation, time to research new technology for future episodes, etc. What's worse is that I felt like some of the projects might be at risk."


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