Global Agenda: Sandstorm Announced

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Hi-Rez Studio announced "Global Agenda: Sandstorm", the first expansion for the game that introduces new player weapons and armor, additional character customization, larger PvE Raids, ability to play PvE solo, new PvP and PvE content, updated User Interface, and enhanced Agency vs. Agency campaigns.

"One of the more anticipated items being demonstrated is the Quest-Driven Open Zone gameplay.

"Sandstorm introduces players to two new NPC factions, new Bosses, new instanced missions, and story-driven quest lines within the Sonoran Desert outside Dome City", says Executive Producer Todd Harris, "This expansion preserves our intense, shooter combat but adds story and immersion elements that we think players will really appreciate"
Hi-Rez Studios offers a unique pricing model for Global Agenda allowing players to experience much of the game's content after a one-time purchase, without a recurring monthly fee. Players who choose to subscribe will receive the benefits of ongoing free expansions, additional game modes, the power to form agencies, and access to Agency vs. Agency gameplay on a persistent single-world map.

Sandstorm covers a large set of new features, content, and devices that will be added to Global Agenda throughout the summer of 2010 – all available at no extra cost to Global Agenda subscribers."



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